Mission 2: Lala: Make Switchfoot a top Artist!

WELL DONE FOOTSOLDIERS. We got “Mess of Me” to be the No. 1 most played song on LALA.com.

UPDATE (10:56 AM PST February 6, 2010)

“Mess of Me” is now in the Top 3 songs on ALL of LALA!

Also, Switchfoot is the No. 3 artist on Alternative and is No. 16 overall. Well done footsoldiers! ~high fives~ all around. Let’s keep this going!

UPDATE (2:17 PM PST February 3, 2010)

Switchfoot has reached the Top 10 on Lala’s Alternative Artists chart! Woo, we are killing this!

UPDATE (12:44 PM February 3, 2010)

We are now at 13,327, good for No. 1 on Lala.com’s Alternative chart!! GOAL #2 DEMOLISHED! Great work soldiers! Let’s keep it going. (It’s also the 7th most listened to song on all of lala!)

UPDATE (11:34 AM)

“Mess of Me” is the No. 23 most listened to song on ALL of lala. GOOD WORK! Let’s pass Ke$ha next!


Lala.com is a relatively new website that has a unique music listening model. It’s subscription-based, but also supports mp3 downloads just like iTunes. The idea is that users can purchase “web songs” for 10 cents each, buy mp3 downloads (like iTunes), or they can upload their entire iTunes library to lala for listening on the web.

What we need the Footsoldiers to do is to make Switchfoot a top artist on lala! If we do a phenomenal job, we could possibly get “Mess of Me” charting on Billboard’s lala chart. So here’s what we need to do!

1. Sign up for a lala.com account. it’s quick and easy, and takes no more than 10 seconds.

2. From this point, there are a few options.
a. If you have “Hello Hurricane” ripped to your iTunes library, continue to step step 3.
b. If you set up a Wallet on Lala.com, make sure to add “Mess of Me”         and skip forward to step 6

3. Download the lala mover here: http://www.lala.com/#musicmover/uploader

4. Move your entire iTunes library to lala.com using the Lala Mover.

5. Once that process is complete, you should have all your songs in your Collection. Now, you are free to play your songs for an unlimited amount of plays.

6. Queue “Mess of Me” to play over and over again. A “listen” is only counted if you play the song all the way through. You can queue the song to play up to 3000 times at once.

7. Leave the songs playing all day, or as long as you can. One thing I do is open multiple windows of lala, and play “Mess of Me” on each window. That multiplies the rapidity of our plays increase!

PRIMARY OBJECTIVES (in order of priority)

1. Switchfoot is currently the 66th most played artist on all of Lala.com right now. Let’s get them into the Top 20 by Friday!

2. “Mess of Me” is currently the No. 3 most listened to Alternative song on all of Lala. Let’s get it to No. 1 on Alternative. (Make sure you are playing the [Deluxe] “Mess of Me”)

3. If we are doing a really good job, let’s go for a Billboard chart placement! We will need around 11,000+ listens for “Mess of Me” to get into consideration. I think we can get there! What happens after that is, we will hope that people seeing how high the song got, will add/purchase the track. Even if not, that’s some great exposure! We can so do this guys and girls!

COMMENT BELOW letting us know what you”re up to, what you’ve done, or how many times you’ve played the song.


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14 Responses to Mission 2: Lala: Make Switchfoot a top Artist!

  1. Joy Hager says:

    I am all queued up =) for many many “Mess Of Me”s =)

  2. Doug says:

    Mission 2 complete “Mess Of Me” is set toplay over and over over and over and over again and again and againand you guessed it again

  3. Andrew says:

    is there any way to get the song to be put on repeat?

  4. aptribute says:

    My library’s taking forever to upload.

  5. Secondtries says:

    NO!!!!! D: I’m computerless for the next little while and I can’t download stuff like that on my iPod. I hope I can actually participate in the next footsoldier mission since I couldn’t do the first one either.

  6. @Andrew, yes there is. if you “queue” it and leave it playing, it will continuously play over and over.

    @aptribute is “Hello Hurricane” loaded into your online library yet? if so, you are able to help out now! 🙂

    @Secondtries, no worries!

  7. Aptribute says:

    Oh yea. Does it have to be the deluxe version?

  8. @Aptribute, when you upload your copy of “Hello Hurricane”, it’ll automatically (for whatever reason) upload as the [Deluxe] version on lala.

    If you go to this page:

    the “Mess of Me” with a CHECK MARK next to it is your copy. This SHOULD be the [Deluxe] edition.

  9. Brian says:

    This can be done only for people on the USA…

  10. NeedleGirl says:

    Let’s go Mess of Me!!

  11. Jeff18 says:

    I’ve got the player going. We’ll have Mess of Me as the #1 song on lala in no time! 🙂

  12. Todd says:

    new zealand. only works in usa ><;

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