Bro-Am Promotion!

Time to also kick “The Sound” promotion into high gear. As we all know, Footsoldiers, this week is Bro-Am week in San Diego. So, in honor of that, let’s attack the phones and request links of the Alternative stations in that area to raise awareness.

First off, request “The Sound” on 91x’s Really Big Countdown by emailing, subject line: Really Big Countdown Submission. If you live in the area, better yet, call in to request the song and let them know how excited you are for the Bro-Am! 570-191X

Next, use this eform to request “The Sound” on 949 KBZT. You can also call in: 619-570-1949

Let’s do this footsoldiers!

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3 Responses to Bro-Am Promotion!

  1. Doug Murphy says:

    John Perkins said right Love is the final fight and now San Diego will get flooded with the sound of my requests. of the sound. I wish they would just pick up the phone.

  2. Doug Murphy says:

    Please play The Sound! Im so pumped for Bro Am!

  3. Doug Murphy says:

    I love San Diego radio stations they are the voices breaking down so we can hear the sound! thanks!! please play the sound and lets kick off bro am with a static coming in slow.

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